Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Persistance Breaks Resistance

I've recently had an incredible prayer request answered that I felt I have been praying awhile for now. A good friend of mine began to ask question about God: Who is he? Who is Jesus? Where did the Bible come from? My prayer has been for the salvation of her soul. Although she was just asking questions, I couldn't stop praising and thanking God! These questions are a door opening; the first of an incredible journey for her to come! She wanted to know more of who her creator is! Before this moment, the hard part was keeping consistent in prayer. That sounds bad coming out, but I'm being honest. As humans we mess up or we get tired. I was busy during the school year or honestly forgot at times! Our current culture has things happening so fast we can get into this mindset of if it doesn't happen right now, it probably won't. We like things to happen quick and now. But what if now is not God's timing? In anything really; not just this specific situation with my friend. I do believe though this was God's perfect timing when the moment happened and I was able to allow Holy Spirit to lead me in answering her questions. Oh, how long I have been praying for her! And how sweet it was to see all those prayers answered! How faithful God is! But I know I must continue because I'm still hoping for her salvation. Consistency is the key. Be encouraged today not to give up on your prayers! No matter what the prayers are for; size is no hurdle for God. Matthew 21:22 states, "If you believe, you will get anything you ask for in prayer." No matter how big or small too! Even the silliest of things to you, God still cares about. God hears, he knows, and he sees. He knows your heart and your prayers because he created, loves, and cares for you. So today I present to you my recipe for prayers: Faith + consistency = God moving! One of my most favorite verses in the Bible is one of the shortest! 1st Thessalonians 5:17 simply says, "pray continually." Do not give up; persist on! He wants to hear from you. He's waiting to hear from you. God wants you to be able to trust him with your everything.

Remember to push on! I'm cheering for you.
❤ Ariel Christine

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