Saturday, September 1, 2012


Well... the first week of school has gone by. I have survived, but I'm still working on adapting back into the school atmosphere. I would consider myself studious and pretty "on the ball," but it does always take me an extra amount of time to get back into it.

Along with being back at school, I have my certain expectations for the year ahead. I have expectations for myself, for the school year, and for events to play out. I can make expectations on anything really, but ultimately I don't know what is to happen. I mean I do hope for the best and will try to achieve any expectations that fall under my realm of control. However, there are things that are not under my control and could really go any which way.

Ariel List of Expectations & Goals:
-Grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus Christ
-Grow as a worship leader and into a better musician
-Learn on to be a better leader when placed in any area of ministry
-Develop more of a servant's heart and extreme faith
-Go deep in my friendships and relationships
-Become more of a people-person and a better communicator
-Work out 3 times a week and eat healthy
-Good grades

So there you have it: my list of expectations and goals. I can say those things and accomplish them. I could also not; it all depends on what I will do with my time. I had a lot of expectations on myself last year. All I attempted, but not all were reached. Those ones not reached were the hardest to deal with. Praise God for such a freedom that released me of my failure mindset. But today's post is not to preach at you about how past failures don't define me today or to keep on trying. No. Today is to remind myself and let you hear it as well that there is One greater to put your expectations into. And what happens when I do that? My expectations list doesn't seem so frightening or in-accomplishable.

Maybe this thought to some people seems so familiar, but when I take time to really break it down and meditate on it, there is such comfort brought to me. I think to myself: I can waver this year on what I expect and what I want to do. But then I have to perform and if things don't go my way, I'll be hurt, upset, and broken because it'll be my own fault. If my expectations I surrender to God and say. "Do what you want to do with them Lord. What do you want to do this year?" Then it's God's expectations I look for. And let me tell you something about God's expectations (more like what he already has planned): I do not know them. And when I don't know the expectations, it makes anything seem possible. I don't know what God wants to do this year, but I know that his word says he works for the good of those who love him, so it must be good things. He has plans that are to set me up for success and to be prosperous as read in Jeremiah. I have my expectations of this year, but my heart is ultimately after what God wants for this year. To me, it makes me feel like there's no weight or pressure on my shoulders.  In Isaiah 45:2 God says, "I will go before you and make the mountains flat. I will break down the bronze gates of the cities and cut through their iron bars." God is for me, has gone before me, and already has a plan. So I will place my hope and trust in him for the year ahead. I truly believe he has great things ahead and as in Matthew 6, I do not need to worry about tomorrow. My everything is in the One who created everything! Imagine that.

Photo taken by: Bulger Photography.

Hope your weekend is going marvelous!
❤ Ariel Christine

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