Friday, September 7, 2012

The Leader Who Was

I'll get you I swear
You won't fare against me
I've been at this for years
No chance of victory.

You're the Lord's finest
They all follow you
But I'll have you yet
And they'll be lost too.

Why bother with those,
Already in grasp?
You're what I'm after,
You're my whole task.

Here's how it goes:
I've planned it all out,
Your religion will crumble
Of that there's no doubt.

I'll start in your mind,
Make you question His laws
You'll excuse all your sin
Then you'll be in my claws.

Once in your mind,
The reasoning will start,
Why give your whole life?
Why give your heart?

I'll find all your weak spots,
And hit you right there.
I've re-wired your thoughts
So you won't think about prayer.

And since you're so strong
You won't need any help
Even when others,
Ask of your spiritual health.

I'll be so cunning
I'll be so subtle,
You won't see it approach
Till you're in serious trouble.

And when you wake up,
And see what's been done
I'll deceive you again
I'll make it seem fun.

Why bother with rules?
Why do what's right?
It's much too costly
And harder to fight.

You'll right yourself soon,
Of that there's no worry
I whisper again,
"There's no need to hurry."

Then I'll unleash
All of my worst.
The timing is perfect
It wouldn't work at first.

But the pattern of sin
Won't fail to decay
The power of a Christian
Who leaves the perfect way.

You'll be so far gone
The leader who was,
That no one will recognize
The one you've become.

Why go through all this?
Why bother with you?
Cuz you're at the top,
Your followers fall too.

I've blinded again
Of this you don't see,
That because of your fall
Others will flee.

And because of my work
I won't have to fear
Of what you can accomplish
When the King draws near.

I'll laugh to myself
For only I know,
You could have been great...
But I stopped the show.

Written By Jessica Grove
Ephesians 4:27
Do not give the devil a way to defeat you.
God Bless.
❤Ariel Christine

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