Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Something Supernatural, Something Spiritual

Have you ever prayed for the healing of somebody? You prayed Jesus would touch their body and heal them. Or what about praying for a job? You wanted that job, and so you prayed to God for it. How about praying for the salvation of a friend? I have a wonderful friend who I have been praying for a while now. I've prayed about it many times, I constantly love on her, spend time with her, and be there for her in anyway I can. So what is common about all these things? I'll tell you... Something had to be done before any results could happen. And the desired result was always something supernatural. You pray, God moves. You seek help, and Jesus is the heals.

Anything involving God is supernatural. He is supernatural. He's almighty God of the entire universe. When I bring my prayers to God, I can count on a supernatural ending. Even in circumstances that may not seem so supernatural are in fact supernatural. If I'm praying for an opportunity, I'm betting on God being the one to orchestrate everything happening; and that is still the same whether I get the opportunity or not.

1st Corinthians 15:46
The spiritual did not come first, but the physical and then the spiritual. 

When Christ lived here on earth, everything about him was physical. He was 100% human and did human things. When He died on the cross, He went through tremendous pain and suffering. It all lead up to the spiritual. After His death, He went to hell and retrieved the keys for God's children to have eternal life with him. A supernatural event happened within those 3 days of hell and have continued ever since. (And please don't think of supernatural as something magic-related or questionable. I felt that way at first thinking of supernatural as a word used to describe Christ. It simply means "being above and beyond natural." Makes perfect sense for God!)

 But if Christ had not went through all those things in the natural to lead up to His death, what transpired in the supernatural would of never happened. I love the verse in 1st Corinthians because it is so true for many events in life. The physical must always come before the spiritual to happen. For something to happen in the supernatural, there is always a motion being made first in the natural.

Be encouraged in this moment to continue persisting in the natural, even when it seems like nothing is happening! God is always in action, and many times he is working on things which can not even be seen in the natural. Something in the physical realm must always be done first for something the the supernatural realm to transpire! All your hard work is not for nothing. God has great plans ahead, and you making physical effort in the natural can only lead to great spiritual blessings! It's so cool how God works everything out, and he loves when you are obedient to the work he has placed before you. Be encouraged to work diligently at whatever he has placed before you, because you can count on it that he wants to do something supernatural in your life only to benefit you through it!

Thanksgiving is almost here! Get pumped.
❤ Ariel Christine

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