Saturday, July 21, 2012


After hearing about the events taking place in the Colorado theater, my heart became heavy with sorrow. My sympathy and prayers go out to the ones hurt and their family members. Who could have known the thoughts and feelings behind that young man and his actions? Was he angry? Hurt? Looking for fame? Looking for a title to bring meaning to his life? We do no know. Except we do know there is a reason for every action. Every person longs for something. There is desire in our hearts. It could be for companionship, love, money, success, etc. We desire and want, and when that desire isn't being fulfilled we feel incomplete. Some desires which are fulfilled don't even quench the aches. Let me say today that there's an ache and longing in each and every one of us that only One can fill. Only can we be complete in Jesus and satisfied in life. Why is that? God is the author of life. The alpha and omega. He created us and the desires in us. He also created us like him, and he has a need for relationship with his children. I once heard in a book that there is a spot in God's heart that only you can fill. As a Father longs for his children, so we long for our Father cause we are made in his likeness. And when we come to know him we find our identity, purpose, and wholeness. What a worldly riches we have tried to submit our life to achieving and finding satisfaction in, cannot be compared to the one moment we come in contact with God Almighty and he tells us who he has created us to be. He even reveals what he has called us to do which are great things; things beyond our wildest dreams! A life in Christ is a life complete. Simply as that. To make it even greater: not only is it complete, but what burdens and stains you carry He will wash away in one second. Such freedom there is available to us! Is there not a greater thing to give your life to? Is there not one thing greater you could think of that would complete your life? I'd say not a thing or person in this world even holds a candle to my savior, Jesus Christ.

If you have come to know this completion and freedom in Christ, I imagine you agreeing with a hearty "amen." If not, my suggestion for you is to ask God who you are created to be and what has he created you for. Even ask him what he thinks of you! I'm positive he thinks so highly of you and ever so longs for you. He wants you to find yourself in him and feel that completion. When you find it, I promise it'll bring rest to your soul and joy into your life. A joy unlike never before. He is so very good. And such a lover. Get ready for gallons of love to be poured out on you!

Colossians 3:12a
God has chosen you and made you his holy people. He loves you.

Have a great weekend! God bless.
❤ Ariel Christine

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