Thursday, September 27, 2012

Let Go & Let God

I can stress easily. It's a known fact.

I like my order, agenda book, sticky notes everywhere. You know... they typical schedule-lovin' freak.

How easily though, my head can get jumbled. There's confusion and unclear vision all because I am trying to take on the world and make everything bow to it's knees under the point of my finger.

Why do we like control so much? It is the fact that if we feel like we're in control, we can make our lives go OUR way and have things happen the way WE want?  It's all about US, right? We are in control of our own lives and can make things happen for ourselves.

But there is some error in that.
What happens when things go horribly south? Are we able to fix it? Can we handle the healing process? Or what if we don't get the things we desire and strive so much for? It'll all end in heartbreak and tragedy.

We have free will. God has made it known to us that we have free will. But he does not desire us to live a life in such freedom we stray down the wrong roads simply because we're "doing our own thing." Before I was ever created, even thought of by my parents, God had my life destined. And As Jeremiah 29 says, they were plans of hope and a prosperous future. He had those marvelous plans for me in hope that one day I would choose him and say, "Yes Lord, my life is yours." Those plans are to for things beyond my wildest imagination, bigger than my biggest dreams, and all for his glory and kingdom! Plans that would glorify him and his goodness and also to have me live a life full and complete in Christ Jesus through which one day I would reign with Him. And that day did happen; I did say "yes" to the cross. Through that God has carried out his will for my life, and let me personally testify and say it sure has been something different. It's an adventure! It's wild! It's walking by faith into the unknown which can be the hardest thing sometimes, but God has such big plans for me!

So me the control freak, trying to let go of control and let God work can be hard at times. It's those moments I have to remember that when I try to control things, everything becomes fuzzy and unclear. The moment I let God handle it, my vision is cleared and I see things how he does. He knows what's best; he's the ultimate dad! He already knows the plan and how things are going to turn out. And let me say, as his child he's not going to stray you wrong. Follow him, follow his will for your life. There is more freedom in that than any of the things in this world! The "things of the world" will make you slaves to them. The enemy will use them to reel you in rather than to find complete freedom in Christ.

It's a weird thought... That completely surrendering yourself to God gives you ultimate freedom. And once you're there, you still have a choice. Remain in that freedom or turn way from it. God is so good that he will always give you a choice, but there is one answer that will give you life to the fullest as well as eternal life in heaven. Please don't choose wrong simply because you're afraid of God controlling you or other things seem more tempting. First, God doesn't control you. He loves you and desires the best for your life. He will help you get there! And the things of this world you can say are satisfying. And they are... for a moment. But when they're gone, you'll desire them more, and go to greater lengths to achieve things that never fully satisfy a gaping hole in your heart. Only God can fill that hole because he was the one who created you! He created your heart and made a hole that only he can fill! Won't you let him fill it and lead your life into adventure?

Romans 8:13
If you use your lives to do the wrong things your sinful selves want, you will die spiritually. But if you use the Spirit's help to stop doing wrong things you do with your body, you will have true life.

❤Ariel Christine

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