Monday, October 22, 2012

Remember Him In All That You Do

Oh it's been awhile... Too long in fact! I have some incredible things that have happened within the past two weeks and it's constantly been busy!

Let me start off by giving glory to God for answering a prayer that was long in the works coming. A prayer that began this past January. I had tried out for worship leader at my church last school year and did not make it. It was heartbreaking. It's that feeling when you want something so bad and you put all your effort in, all your emotions, and still do not get it. So I began to practice and practice and practice some more. I prayed. A whole lot. I believed in my ability; I could do this. I believed that God could do anything and he can do miraculous things through me. Then I had this thought... It's not going to be the end of my world if I don't get it. So as this September approached, I wasn't even thinking of trying out again. Then the e-mail came. An e-mail inviting all sophomores who wanted to tryout for worship leader to do so. I battled the thoughts; back and forth. I called upon leaders for help. I had them listen and work with me. A few days before the audition, I just said yes to trying out. My thought: at least if I try I can't say I didn't put my everything into this year. I'm the first person up day of auditions. I go in repeating, "God is able, let your will be done, have your way in this audition, you're my everything, my ability is of you God, let your glory be seen, no matter what it'll be okay..." Everything I should be saying to myself and believing. I sing. I finish. They tell me, "Ariel... you've made it." And in my mind I'm screaming OH MY GOSH WHAT!?!?! AHHHH!!!! Praise God. Seriously. This whole thing is only of him and because of him. The audition even seemed more simple than I made it out to be. But that doesn't mean I regret putting in hours of practice in, huge amounts of prayer time, and even fasting for this. Every thing was worth it because I believe God saw my heart and he moved.

Second off, I've began to evaluate my days on a nighty basis. At the end of each day right before going to bed, I think to myself: what has happened today good that has advanced the kingdom of God? When really taking that into consideration it has opened my eyes to the small details of my day that can have made a lasting impact. Just a prayer for somebody or a word of encouragement for someone. The smallest things make the difference and I feel I can really see the kingdom advancing before me. I feel so blessed, as well. God is so good to me and sometimes taking notice of the small things makes me notice the big thing (which is the Lord). I encourage you to evaluate your day on a nightly basis! See how God moves in your life and in the lives of others around you.

Right now I am on fall break. I am staying with my parents and brother in Ohio and fortunate enough to bring along two of my best friends from school. Coming home, I've been really able to see how wonderful my life is. My parents are awesome and generous, I've grown up in a wonderful church here, and the friends that came in and out of my life while I lived in Ohio have forever made an impact on me. It took me coming home with my friends and them to notice the blessings around me for me to see the blessings as well. This post is not to brag, but simply praise God for his goodness which is always around. I feel that the things that have been coming to my attention lately have always been around me, but now I am truly cherishing them.

I am on a mountain high right now. Not that I expect or declare valley low moments in my life, but I don't want to take for granite these incredible moments or forget about God in them. It's because of him I am where I am at, and I know no matter what in my life he is always good and always constant. I will always lean on him whether I am mountain high or valley low because he is my everything.

Proverbs 3:6
Remember the Lord in all you do, and he will give you success.

Sorry for the lateness on the post! The craziness is slowing down, finally.
❤Ariel Christine

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