Thursday, December 27, 2012

Be Determined

I am so happy to announce Eternal Bride is now its own website! My brother, Aaron, purchased the domain name for me this Christmas. He's the best! I cannot wait to see the progress Eternal Bride makes over 2013. I pray people are touched by the posts and always feel encouraged. Thank you for taking the time to read. Please feel free to always leave a comment if you feel a post has encouraged or inspired you. I am always growing as is everybody else so we are walking this life of faith together!

Speaking of 2013, I can't help but to vision what God has in store! There's such a wide range of possibilities! I'm already forming new goals, schedules, and planning. Thinking about the future, it reminds me of a verse I absolutely love in Isaiah:

The Lord helps me, so I will not be ashamed. 
I will be determined, and I know I will not be disgraced.
Isaiah 50:7

The Lord is my help; He is my strength. I try my best to walk in obedience with God everyday and my hope is that I will always be led in his direction. When I am led in his direction, I know I will not be ashamed because it is the Lord's path. I believe he has plans for me that are prosperous and of a good future. Trouble and trials will come my way, but I will not be ashamed because I am in the Lord's will! I am right where he would have me. Rather than getting kicked down, beaten, or discouraged, I will be determined! I am more determined because God is my help! I will not be disgraced because I am covered in his grace! 

My hope is that from this verse you'll take away that you should not be ashamed or feel that you will be disgraced because God is your great helper! If anything, you should be more determined because you have the One on your side who is more powerful than anything else. Be determined; work hard at what you are given and God will take you to new places. Don't fear what people can do or say to bring you down because nobody can prevail against our great Father!

Happy Thursday!
❤ Ariel Christine

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