Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Step Out To Move Forward

After Lot left, the Lord said to Abram, "Look all around you — to the north and south and east and west. All this land you see I will give to you and your descendants forever. I will make your descendants as many as the dust on the earth. If anyone could count the dust on the earth, he could count your people. Get up! Walk through all this land because I am now giving it to you."
Genesis 13:14-17

Abraham... Our go-to-guy when it comes to being faithful. Before his name was even changed to Abraham, he still operated out of obedience to God. What amazes me about this passage is that here God is giving Abram this incredible blessing. He tells him he will be a father to many nations; his descendants will be as many as the stars in the sky or even the dust on the earth. There'll be so many that it's just about impossible to count! I always wonder how he felt in that moment..

So there it is, the blessing, God just plops in Abram's hands. Then he proceeds to tell Abram to "Get up! To walk in the land that I am giving you!" The land and promises and blessings are at hand if Abram will just be proactive in walking through what God has placed before him. It takes a step out to move forward. If Abram will take what God has laid before him, God will give the promise he has spoken. 

God has things he wants to give out of his great love for us. He desires to bless us, answer prayers, walk with us, and more! However, it does take action on our end. We must be proactive in our faith. Is there something God has placed before you and you're waiting for something else to happen? Maybe it's a talent or an opportunity. Now is the time to get up and walk in that! Walk in God's grace knowing that he has given this wonderful moment and now he is calling you to come forth. Walk in the land God has placed before you. He wants to take you somewhere new and his Spirit will be your guide. Many people pray for doors just to even appear. I know I do all the time! Well when God not only does that, but even opens the door for you, you can be sure he will guide you through it! He won't leave you in a moment he orchestrated for your life!

Abram believed the Lord. And the Lord accepted Abram's faith, and that faith made him right with God. 
Genesis 15:6

Later on in Genesis, God once again spoke to Abram about his future descendants. Because Abram took God at his word and believed the things he spoke over him, Abram was made right in his heart. God loves your heart. He loves you and everything about you! He designed you and me just the way he wanted. He only desires good things for his children, and when he opens a door before them his wish is for obedience so those good things may follow. What's holding you back today from walking through the door God is holding open for you? Get up and walk!

Happy Thursday!
❤ Ariel Christine

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