Friday, March 1, 2013

Joseph the Dreamer

Joseph is known as the dreamer. He was a great guy and walked faithfully with God in relationship. He had dreams of his future and ruling over his family; he envisioned his brothers bowing down to him. Now Joseph was already hated because his father loved him more than the other brothers. It probably wash't the greatest idea for Joseph to then tell his brothers that he would rule over them... I can see where their anger comes from. From the situation, Joseph's brothers then proceeded to sell him into slavery. He was sold to an Egyptian named Potiphar.

Genesis 39:2-3
The Lord was with Joseph, and he became a successful man.
He lived in the house of his master, Potiphar the Egyptian.
Potiphar saw the Lord was with Joseph and that the 
Lord made Joseph successful in everything he did.

Joseph had favor with his master because the Lord was with him. Potiphar recognized the Lord's Spirit upon his slave. Potiphar trusted Joseph so much that Joseph was placed in charge of everything the master owned. Because the Lord was with Joseph, even all of Potiphar's family and workers were blessed. Unfortunately, Potiphar's wife lied saying Joseph tried to have sexual relations with her; this caused him to be thrown in jail. While in jail, the Lord was still with Joseph! He had such favor there that the prison warden let him be in charge of every other prisoner. Everything done to the other prisoners and whatever else happened in the jail Joseph was responsible for.  Part B of verse 39:23 states, "... because the Lord was with Joseph and made him successful in everything he did."

To think because Joseph walked with God, God was always with him and it was evident to others. This makes me recall Proverbs 3:6, "Remember the Lord in all you do, and he will give you success." Yes, Joseph went through some serious circumstances, but the Lord's favor upon his life is what brought him through. Even in the midst of slavery and prison, Joseph still succeed because God was with him.

Thinking of great heroes of faith in the Bible sometimes seems like they are just so holy and have come so far to be where they're at. The matter of fact is that what Joseph did... which was walk closely with God... is available for all of us to do. We can walk with God just as Joseph did. We can walk with God in such a way that it is evident to others around us. There is no one like our God; nobody beside him or even close in comparison. This great God of ours even redeems us to be his children. You can count on it that when you give God your life for his glory, he will be with you and his favor upon you. I would think to even be considered God's child is already favor enough. Then he goes above and beyond giving us more. What a great Father he is.

As you go about this weekend and into the following week, I suggest to read these following verses. Even say it outloud replacing Joseph's name with your own. You are a child of God who holds within you the everlasting truth; the well-spring of life is within you. The enemy may attack you, but your God makes you strong and gives you favor in any circumstance!

Genesis 49:22-24
Joseph is like a grapevine that produces much fruit,
        a healthy vine watered by a spring,
        whose branches grow over the wall.
Archers attack him violently
        and shoot at him angrily,
but he aims his bow well.
        His arms are made strong.
He gets his power from the Mighty God of Jacob
        and his strength from the Sheperd, the
        Rock of Israel.

Happy Friday!
❤ Ariel Christine

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